Dear user!

Thank you for volunteering to test our software prototype. It is very important for us, that somebody who was not included in our development team, till now, judges our prototype. It is not perfect and maybe includes some errors. We hope that you will help us to improve our product. Do not hesitate to say us what you like and what you dislike. We request you to execute the tasks below. While doing so, please say aloud: What you think is happening. In what state the system is. What you are trying to achieve. Why you are doing something specific. The WaytEaser Team is delighted to welcome you in our team.

Please perform the following tasks:

  1. Log in to the WaytEaser application.
  2. Write a message to the chat.
  3. Add somebody to your buddylist.
  4. Invite somebody from your buddylist to play a game with you.

Interview protocols

Design changes acoording to the feedback from the tests