Profile: Sussi

Sussi (19) finishes gymnasium this year. Due to her age she is in the first love phase. Together with her girlfriends she goes to enormous amount of discos and parties, looking for new adventures. To look stylish is the most important thing at such girlish companies. In their lexicon style means to wear a sexy clothes, high heels and of cause have a very fancy mobile phone.
Just like all her other classmates Sussi is chatting addicted. As soon as she comes home from the school, she turns her computer on and login in icq and yahoo messengers. She regularly visits online chats in order to find new friends and get know some handsome boys.
Sussi and her girlfriends use the WaytEaser not only in the case of waiting for somebody, but also as an external chatting device. They can spend two hours staying near the display, chatting with each other and giggling about other participants of the chat. It is also a perfect opportunity for them to meet some boys, who comes here to play games. But the most important advantage of WaytEaser for these girls is a chance to show their super mordern mobile phone to the crowd.