Short Summary of the interview with Harry, 31:

Harry is a 31 years old broker working in Frankfurt a. M. Every morning he has to travel about forty-five minutes and has to change the subway two times. Because of this he has a waiting time of about 7 minutes each time he changes the subway. In this waiting time he never knows what to do, because he can not read concentrated the newspaper at the subway station. It is too noisy.

His mobile phone is one of the important things in his life. He uses it for communication in general, to dispose meetings and to synchronize the mobile phone with his laptop via bluetooth.

His hobbies are playing golf and sport cars. But when he was young he often played games on the PlayStation. But since he works as a broker in Frankfurt a. M., he does not have the time any more. His favourite games were ego-shooters and combat games.

He is not interested in chatting, however he would not have a problem with a public chatting conversation.

At the WaytEaser Harry especially likes the highscore tables and the ranking list, because for him competition is a very important aspect for games. But the vouchers would be for him no appeal, because he just has not the time to play more games than in his waiting time. He would like to play those kind of games on the public display he is good at like combat games.

Also he would not chat, he thinks that it would be more interesting to chat with a broader audience than just with those people at the same station.