Short Summary of the interview with Karl, 14:

Karl is a schoolboy travelling by bus every day, on his way he has to wait for up to ten minutes at the bus station. His Hobbies are computer games, karate and playing with his pet cat. He mentioned strategic, sport and action games as his favorites and it was my impression, that he tries to be as good as possible in these games in contrast to just playing to have a fun time. He has hardly any experience with chat programs.

He likes the idea of the WaytEaser and is especially interested in the highscore tables and the gifts for winning. He suggested other arcade games (snake) and strategic games maybe with cooperative modes.

As for chatting, he is very concerned about his privacy and would rather not have others watch his chats. However he is more interested in playing and chatting with a broader audience than with local users only.

He does not want the advertisements to fill more than one fifth of the screen.