Short summary of the interview with Daniela, 20:

My 20 year old girl Daniela is an articled dentist. She has to travel from Kerpen to Cologne every morning spending about 1 1/2 hour in the train and at the station each day.

She would love to chat with other people in the meanwhile when she is waiting for the train. After asking her if she worries about her privacy she told me that she attends in public chats in the Internet anyway. She also stated that she feels save by using a nickname and does not really worry about her privacy.

Being a single she said she looks for guys when she is in the mood and waiting and would love to have a public chat. Daniela asked for a special service to be able to meet the guys she is talking to at the chat without presenting her phone number publicly or telling everybody where she is and what she is wearing.

So far i can tell that she is at least worried about her privacy when it comes to display her identity publicly. As stated above she only feels save using a nickname.

Daniela was also interested in games but without violence (like playing minigolf).