WaytEaser Team is glad to inform, that a paper prototype for our system has been created. Photos with different human<->display interaction scenarios are posted below.
Start Actions Game Session Chat Session Buddy List

On Monday two potential users have tested our prototype. The photos of the interaction process can be viewed here. During the test process all execution problems were noted by a member of our team. According to these notes and a concluding feedback from the users, several changes to the design of our system were made. The following list is a brief summary of the commited design changes:
  • Private messages (SMS) instead of private chat
  • Extra chat option: list of the last three users, to whom a chat-message was sent
  • Extra option in Buddy List: mark all online user with an icon showing the user's current activity, e.g. log-in, playing game, chatting
  • Layout changes: some buttons were swaped in order to make the whole menu look standard
  • Extra option in chat: Every chat message is labeled with a sender. Moreover in the case a specific reciever has been chosen, his/her name will be also displayed
  • Extra display option: an announcement of the arriving train
  • Extra display option: clock
Please consider, that according to the design changes the feature list was modified.