law applications

Application of the learned design principles in our interface

According to the golden rules we changed several things in our prototype. One of the changes was influenced by the rule number 6 “offer undo”. We had noticed that our interface had not always met this requirement. For example, at the prior version there had been some menu screens, where neither “back” nor “exit” buttons had existed, thus the user had to choose an option of the list even if he had not not wanted it anymore. “Speak the users' language” says the rule number 2. By means of the users test we had observed that the name “Buddy List” had not been so suggestive for the users as we had thought, so we changed it to “Friends”. At the very first version several different font kinds had been used in our flash prototype. (this inconsistency had been a “result” of the team work as each of us had been using his/her favorite font). We had not paid a lot of attention to it, but our test users just like it is described in gestalt rule 3 named “closure” had thought, that the menu items of the same font kind somehow belongs together. We attempted to play on the users experience (gestalt law 6) and structured the chat as similar as possible to a standard sms menu. The above mentioned applications of the learned design principles are just a small part of in dis obtained rules and ideas, which we had used during the whole process.