Design Changes

First Design Idea: Entertainment Box

  • Chat
  • Games
    • Presentation of Moves
    • Worms
  • World Ranking List
  • Server
  • Action

Primary Feuture List:

  • Games Ranking List
  • Vouchers
  • Feedback via mobile phone
  • Public Chat
  • Advertisement

Changes after first Usertests with Storyboards

  • Additionally games without voilence
  • Additionally Private Chat
  • Possibility to change phone numbers
  • Chat and games not only limited for one subway station, but for example for a whole city

Changes after Usertest with Paper Prototype

  • Private messages (SMS) instead of private chat
  • Extra chat option: list of the last three users, to whom a chat-message was sent
  • Extra option in Buddy List: mark all online user with an icon showing the user's current activity, e.g. log-in, playing game, chatting
  • Layout changes: some buttons were swaped in order to make the whole menu look standard
  • Extra option in chat: Every chat message is labeled with a sender. Moreover in the case a specific reciever has been chosen, his/her name will be also displayed
  • Extra display option: an announcement of the arriving train
  • Extra display option: clock

Changes after Heuristic Evaluation

  • Buddylist renamed in Friends
  • Rename the term challenge in something more common
  • Remove deadends
  • Use equal fonts (bold, upper and lower case)
  • Include Timetable (arriving and departing trains)
  • Inhibit that messages disappear (loginname, chat message) after advancing to a submenu
  • Improve the possibility to leave the chat menu Back-Button: Each Back-Button is placed on the right side of the mobile phone display.
  • Button Names: All button names start with a capital letter to save the consistency.

Changes after Usertest with Flash Prototype:

  • After sending a chat message return directly to main menu
  • Insert the possibility to change the user profile on a different place
  • Login: The users are not allowed to login with an empty name anymore.
  • Buddylist Changes: A bug of vanishing user from the buddylist by clicking on the back button was fixed.